Our modules

All our subscribers use our platform for their client and counterparty due diligence process. Key words are (permanent) portfolio screening, sanction screening, KYC, anti-money laundering software, risk analysis, PEP and UBO classification, country risk mapping, risk qualification, anti-terrorism financing, Chamber of Commerce (KvK) information, press clipping analysis, audit trail, identification and verification in the onboarding phase, workflow management and much more.

Our modules can be divided in two groups, the modules with permanent monitoring and the ones without.

In addition we have several add on modules to be combined with one of the permanent monitoring modules. Please see our Add-on page for an overview or consult the compare tool. Feel free to contact us either by phone or email if you have any questions or if you prefer to be guided through a demo version of our modules.

Permanent monitoring

Most of our users are under the obligation to permanently and automatically screen and monitor their business relations. Our platform is designed to host and facilitate these users with permanent screening and a warning system.

  • Multi-names Module
  • Group account Module
  • Homebase & satellite Module
  • Basic sanction-only batch screening Module

Non-permanent monitoring

Our non-permanent monitoring modules are for the professionals and service providers who will only require “transaction” or “moment” driven screening. In other words: these users will perform checks only once, create a pdf report only once and download or print this for file.

  • Standard Module
  • Single name Module

Multi-names Module

All you need as a start is the Multi-names module. This module has all the options and features you need for a thorough and comprehensive screening, monitoring, audit trail, reporting, risk register and many more options and features. Why would you go for less?

Without this module your compliance process may not be complete. The Multi-names module version offers a personal conflict list that can be filled at your discretion. There is an automated warning system notifying you of any changes and updates. Comprehensive reports on your entries can be generated by the click of a mouse. There are multiple report settings and there is an option to add multiple attachments to your reports. If you wish to add (bad press) clippings from web searches or like to add information regarding Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO's) you can do so. Country risk screening is available and results (if any) are visualized in charts. As legislation and the regulatory framework develops we strive to keep track and let our products move with the flow.

  • Sanction screening
  • Automatic notification system
  • Country Risk Analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Audit trail
  • Relevant Clippings
  • Personal Conflict list
  • ICIJ Screening
  • Management reporting
  • Workflow management
  • Risk profiling
  • and much more

Group account Module

The Group account Module is in its base the Multi-names Module but with the option to have multiple sub-users and differentiated user access functionality. With this module you can configure separate user accounts, each with its own login and authorization level, specify sign-off responsibilities per user and have a user-specific audit trail.

  • Separate user accounts
  • Configurable authorization levels
  • Flexible sign-off functionality
  • User specific audit trail

Homebase & satellite Module

One central account with all options and features combined and integrated with satellites. Used by cross border customers, banks and larger organizations.

For cross border organizations, insurers, banks and funds we have developed the Homebase & satellite module. Your homebase is basically the Multi-names module combined with one or more additional modules as a satellite. Suitability depends on the way you have organized your organization and more in particular how you wish to run and implement your compliance regime and internal accountability.

  • One Homebase account
  • Combined with satellite accounts
  • For cross border organizations
  • Delegated responsibilities
  • Long term business continuity

Standard Module

Consistent, time saving and smart reporting. Specially designed for the legal and accounting professionals, public notary offices, industry, brokers and organizations who don't need continuous and large volume batch screening.

It works along the same principles as our Multi-names module but lacks the option of periodic and repetitive screening of all your client list entries. Subscription dependent on amount of entries and names. Cost wise a good alternative for those who prefer to handle only a few entries at the time and want to produce a report for filing only .

  • For accounting, tax and legal, brokers and industry
  • Sanction Lists
  • Reporting
  • Full option screening on limited amount of entries
  • Costs efficient

Single-name Module

Used by business professionals and service providers, not only in M&A and C&P.

Our Single-name module offers quick real time verification against international sanction lists. Please note that this only screens against sanction lists. You can screen a limited amount of names and create pdf reports for filing. After login the entity can be checked and a report can be exported. After logout the date is cleared form the system. If you want to import and hold the data please refer to our Multi-names module. If you don't have the requirement to periodically screen your entire client list nor have a wish to maintain such a list or folder management system, this is your pragmatic and economic solution.

  • Easy Navigation
  • Quick Realtime Check
  • Limited amount of names
  • International sanction lists only

Basic sanction Module

For financial industry, fiduciary services, funds and private equity. Large volume batch scanning against sanction lists only.

  • Large volume batches
  • Filing and folder management
  • Persons and legal entities
  • Importing / Exporting Excel data-sheets
  • Reporting
  • Sanction lists only

Modern Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance require continuous and accurate monitoring of identities

Relian offers a variety of modules each tailored to the specific needs of Relian's customers.