Relian is a certified SaaS-platform in support of your Sanction / KYC / AML / Identification and verification workflow.

Modern risk management combined with international regulatory legislation require tools and processes to support you in the most efficient way. Our modules will support not only your onboarding process regarding prospects, clients, suppliers, contractors and employees, but also caters for automated and permanent follow-up monitoring as required within the regulatory framework.

The Relian platform is shaped and tailored towards the assumption that processes should be deemed to be in support of the organization, rather than driving the company. Relian can be used on a stand-alone basis or can be fully integrated in your respective office CRM, accounting or other software.

Relian is always up to date, easy to handle and navigate, offers an audit trail and compliant reporting.

Relian is ISO certified and aims for high customer satisfaction rates in the context of a regulatory must.

We supply our services to a wide variety of users in the financial sector, industry, (tax)lawyers, notaries, accountants, professional services, private equity, (pension) funds, banks, insurers, trade and shipping and many more.

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Reputation is built in drops and lost in buckets. Modern risk management combined with international legislation require state of the art tools and processes in the most efficient way.

It has become an imperative to step up the efforts to proactively run regular checks on your clients and counterparties.

We supply our services and make available our platform to a wide variety of users in the financial sector, in industry, (tax) lawyers, accountants, professional services and much more.

All our subscribers use our platform for their client- and counterparty due diligence process. Key words are (permanent) portfolio screening, sanction screening, KYC, Anti money laundering software, risk analysis, PEP and UBO establishment, Country risk mapping, Risk qualification, Anti-terrorism financing, Press clipping analysis, warning system, audit trail and much more.

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ISO/IEC 27001 Infromation Security Management Certified
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We strive to offer the best platform, able to deliver efficient and uniform ways of working. Consistent and structured reporting, a firm audit trail, user friendliness and transparency should be key drivers in your risk management process.

Onboarding of new cliënts and ongoing monitoring is made easy. Automated screening will save you time and our dashboard will support you in mapping out the risks and to file and report your findings.

Please refer to the list (in the menubar) of both natural and legal persons to whom strict legislative and reporting requirements apply. We do appreciate that rules and regulations will trigger demanding challenges for your organization. We are happy to consult with you on implementation.

Modern Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance require continuous and accurate monitoring of identities

Relian offers a variety of modules each tailored to the specific needs of Relian's customers.