This confidentiality statement applies to the modules that Relian offers to its users and not to other sites, including those that are linked to third party or partner sites or services. Those other sites may have their own policies, which we do not control, and thus are not addressed by this policy.

Relian collects the IP address and cookies of the computer our visitors use to visit our website. Relian collects this information not only to compile anonymous usage statistics, but also to facilitate verification of users log-in credentials. Unless a user submits personal data, e.g. by sending an email about themselves, Relian will not maintain any other personal data about a visitor's access and usage of the site.

In respect of the quick online single scan module and the notary public module it is not possible to upload data to the Relian server. It is hence impossible for Relian and Relian's staff to have access to such data. Users of the batch scan module however have a choice to store their confidential client list on the Relian server. If they choose so, Relian staff will not have access to these data. Alternatively users may opt to export their client batch list again after each scanning session. All data will be automatically deleted and removed upon proper log-out.

The Relian servers are located in The Netherlands in a safe location. Relian's hosting partner is established and located in The Netherlands.

If you have any questions regarding these terms, please contact us at

Modern Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance require continuous and accurate monitoring of identities

Relian offers a variety of modules each tailored to the specific needs of Relian's customers.