Reputation is built in drops and lost in buckets. We have never met a person who is totally happy and thrilled to explain on the six o'clock news that his or her organization has failed to comply with obvious and well-known compliance legislation. More embarrassing even is having to admit that prevention had been one click away. Relian is there to help and support your organization. Register and get started.


Onboarding is a word that may cover a lot and can become a time-consuming affair. New recruits, clients, customers, investment partners, suppliers, shareholders, owners and others will have to be screened against sanction lists. Other criteria will weigh in and have to be assessed too. Drill as deep as you wish and produce a comprehensible report to document the evidence of your efforts. Ongoing monitoring is a key feature in the Relian modules.


Sanction list screening and monitoring is supposed to be a standard procedure in your risk management system. Customer, supplier and other stakeholder screening and due diligence should be a key driver in your risk approach. We offer an up to date database and many more features that will help you to map out your risk and to produce a report on the results of your findings. Bad press screening, country risk assessment and related information reporting are other examples included in the screening.

Audit trail

Not only your reports will cover an audit trail. Modern techniques and the advantage of our platform offer you a range of options to retroactively prove your movements and assessments in respect of your compliance obligations. We follow market developments closely and will adjust and further enhance our tools to enable you to fulfill your obligations and to satisfy your requirements. We are always open to suggestions and we welcome feedback from our users.


Over time, Relian has grown significantly and so has the number of modules that we offer. We constantly consider whether new client groups merit tailor-made solutions and dictate the launch of a new module to our family. Please register for a free demo and check in to our system to explore the options. We have flexible stand-alone modules but also an integrated version that provides data feeds to your office environment software. We are here to support you.


We do appreciate that rules and regulations will trigger demanding challenges for your organization. We consider ourselves to be a tool company. Having said that, implementing our tools in your organization may require additional support and advice from us. We are happy to work with you on site or remotely. We support start-ups and lean and mean staffed organizations as well as larger corporates and multinationals. Please let us know your requirements. We always find a solution that works to our mutual benefit.

Modern Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance require continuous and accurate monitoring of identities

Relian offers a variety of modules each tailored to the specific needs of Relian's customers.